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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Independence Day in Argentina is celebrated every 9 July celebrate the day the declaration of independence of the United Provinces of South America was signed. Prior to the signing of the declaration, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia were part of the Spanish empire.

20249 JulTueIndependence Day
20259 JulWedIndependence Day
20269 JulThuIndependence Day
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By 1810, tensions had grown between Spanish people born in the Americas, known as creoles, and the Spanish that had newly arrived in the country, known as peninsulars. When the Spanish king, Fernando VII, was captured, it gave revolutionary groups in Brazil hope that they could remove themselves from Spanish rule. From 22 to 24 May there was unrest in the country as some wanted to depose Viceroy Cisneros while others wanted to create a government with the Viceroy and residents of Buenos Aires continuing to play an active role.

A decision was made to keep the Viceroy in power, leading to revolt among the people who crowded the gates of the open cabildo demanding his resignation and the dissolution of the junta. On 25 May 1810, the Buenos Aires Council decided to depose the Viceroy and form its own tribunal. On July 9, 1816, after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the independence of the United Provinces was declared in a meeting of congress. It was officially put into effect in 1817 when General San Martin’s troops defeated the Spanish Army.


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