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Easter 2024, 2025 and 2026

Argentina is a devoutly Catholic nation, and 85 percent of the population identify as Roman Catholics. Thus, Easter-time is a very important season in this country.

202428 MarThuMaundy Thursday
29 MarFriGood Friday
202518 AprFriGood Friday
20263 AprFriGood Friday
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Good Friday is a national holiday on which most places of business are closed. Many store owners even shut down their shops on the preceding Thursday, which marks the day of the Last Supper. This creates a four or five day weekend during which the Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection are devoutly remembered.

Throughout the country, Holy Week and Easter are marked by reenactments of the life of Jesus in various villages and localities. In fact, there are masses, processions, and “religious carnivals” for a full two-week span.

On Palm Sunday, olive branches, rather than the usual palm branches, are blessed by priests and given out to the people to use in the commemoration of the Triumphal Entry. On Good Friday, many local parishes perform the Way of the Cross to depict the crucifixion, and on Holy Saturday, there is somber quiet in anticipation of the joy of Easter Morning.

Holy Week is, up until Easter Sunday, also a continuation of Lent. All meat except fish is avoided, and meals are kept smaller than usual. Many dishes that usually involve meat are suddenly transformed into vegetarian or seafood cuisine. On Good Friday, bacalao (salt cod) is the traditional dish.

Previous Years

20237 AprFriGood Friday
202215 AprFriGood Friday
20212 AprFriGood Friday
202010 AprFriGood Friday
201919 AprFriGood Friday
201830 MarFriGood Friday
201714 AprFriGood Friday