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Flag Day

Flag Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Every 20 June is “Flag Day” in Argentina to celebrate the nation’s flag and also all what the flag represents.

202420 JunThuFlag Day
21 JunFriFlag Day Holiday
202520 JunFriFlag Day
202620 JunSatFlag Day
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The Argentine flag consists of three horizontal stripes, the top and bottom ones being sky blue and the middle stripe being white. In the centre of the middle stripe shines a yellow sun.

This unique design was created by Manuel Belgrano in 1812, and the new flag was soon put to use in the war for independence, even before independence was officially declared on 9 July, 1816. The date for the celebration of Flag Day, 20 June, is based on its being the day of Belgrano’s death. That date was not designated until 1938.

Flag Day is about much more than just the history of Argentina’s national banner. It is a day of patriotism, national unity, and Argentine culture.

Previous Years

202319 JunMonFlag Day Holiday
20 JunTueFlag Day
202220 JunMonFlag Day